How to Make a Root Beer Float

A glass of chilled root beer topped with a scoop of ice cream is like the summer dream come-true. Learn how to make the root beer float over here so that you can serve it to your family and friends during those months of scorching heat. Ingredients: Root beer Vanilla ice cream Instructions: In a glass, scoop some vanilla ice cream. The quantity of the ice cream actually depends on how much you...

How to Make Homemade Root Beer

If you are partial to root beer, then try making it at home. The recipe provided here will help you brew the perfect root beer that will taste just like store-bought root beer. Ingredients: Baker’s yeast Root beet extract Sugar Water Instructions: Take a clean, dry bottle and place a funnel on its mouth. Pour through the funnel one cup of cane sugar. Then add ¼ teaspoon of baker’s yeast to the sugar. Replace... © 2009. All Rights Reserved.