How to Make Waffles

Waffles are very easy to make and it can be eaten almost every day if you really love them. Almost all types of food pair well with waffles; from sweets like fruits, chocolates, and syrups, the possibilities are actually endless and, not to mention, delicious. Making waffles at home is particularly easy and following waffle recipe will make you cook a waffle that you will love. This recipe will still...

How to Make Belgian Waffles

Perfect with fresh fruits, whipped cream, and butter, Belgian waffles will surely make up your day with its tender texture and its flavor. Belgian waffles become more tender and delicious when it is made with yeast and is served while hot. Paired well with freshly brewed coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice, Belgian waffles will make your day when eaten during breakfast and will give you a boost of energy. For... © 2009. All Rights Reserved.