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Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils are very important to a household because we can not live without eating so we can not do without cooking utensils. In fact, the utensils that are used to cook food often do more than just holding food.

Cooking utensils have various functions in the course of cooking. Can you imagine the days when all cooking utensils are gone. People from the ancient time began to learn how to make cooking utensils to cook food. They can be made of stone, aluminum and iron. In the past, cooking for housewives is a painstaking and time consuming task. Fortunately, nowadays kinds of utensils are invited which make life more convenient than before.

Many substances can be absorbed from the utensils into the food that is being cooked, some of which are essential to human health. Cooking utensils are usually made of three of the substances: aluminum, lead, and iron. Up to about 52% of all cookware is made with aluminum and the amount of aluminum leached into food from cookware is very small. As for the cooking utensils made of lead, research has shown that children should be protected from ceramic cookware containing lead. Acidic foods such as oranges, tomatoes, or foods with vinegar will cause more lead to be leached from ceramic cookware. More lead will leach into hot liquids like coffee, tea, and soups than into cold beverages. There is significant evidence that cooking in iron pots increases the amount of iron in the diet. This is usually a very small source of dietary iron. Nutritionists recommend using the iron-made cookware for the purpose of keeping good health.

People care so much about cooking utensils also because they have an affect on nutrition of any cooked food. A good cook knows clearly what kind of utensil should be chosen for a certain kind of food to keep both nutrition and taste. A proper cooking utensil should be suitable for heating on both thermal and induction heat sources. Utensils of poor quality can not used for a long time. What is even worse, they can result in great dangers when cooking. In order not to pose any risks, you had better buy your cookware in the reputable retail stores.

People may like collecting stamps, books, coins and clocks. Likewise, many housewives have the habit of collecting cooking utensils, not for just holding food but looking upon them as favorite art of works. Cherishing them like antique vases, ladies carry them with great care, fearing that they will drop when their grip is loose or crash if they hold on too tightly. Cooking utensils can be brought as present given to friends, which bring a touch of family atmosphere. In a word, cooking utensils are not only a carrier of food, but reflect the warmth of home.

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  1. jere says:

    I bought some kitchen utensils from an antique store with the intent to clean them up and put them back in use. I found a hand powered mixer, a full sized aluminum grater that you don’t have to hold and try and grate and an old wood handled potato masher. I was surprised to find one of the items, a potato masher, seemed to have a coating of lead! I heated the metal of the potato masher on over the flame on the oven and sure enough some of the metal on the masher dripped off on some steel! So watch out for that kind of stuff everyone.

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