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French cooking

French food is regarded as being the best in the world. It is acknowledged that the French cooking has earned the distinction of transforming cooking into an art with an emphasis on its combination of delicate flavors .French cooking is also regarded as one of the most adventurous types which is due in part to a natural curiosity which is very much a characteristic of the French people. When applied to food it has led to many wonderful discoveries and world famous culinary masterpieces such as souffl├ęs and bisques which are enjoyed worldwide.

From early nationhood, France cooking has placed great emphasis on making use of its rich agricultural and dairying resources. A spectacular reflection of this was the lavish and elegant banquets set on official occasions under the French monarchy. Some of the best-known traditional French dishes include: an egg and cheese pie, fish or chicken and tomatoes, onions or zucchinis; pepper steak, made of a slice of lean beef lightly grilled and served with green pepper corns and cream sauce and so on. Most traditional main dishes are served with elaborate sauces, for example, veal is often cooked in a white wine sauce with mushrooms and herbs.

Besides, French cooking comprises traditional home cooking of common families, a wide variety of regional specialties, a new style of cooking known as nouvelle cuisine as well as an enormous range of cheeses and fine wines. Over the years, traditional French cooking has been influenced by the introduction of new spices, herbs and products such as cocoa brought back from newly-discovered lands by early explorers, and particularly by Italian cooking.

Another feature of French cooking is the treatment of fish and beef. Steaks are traditionally served rare to retain their tenderness and taste, and similarly it is considered that to enjoy fish it must be cooked very lightly to retain its texture and succulence. French cooking also includes a very large variety of desserts and pastries, among them ├ęclairs and profiteroles which are made of puff are the most familiar and popular food.

Moreover, France cooking in every province reflects the different regional influences which have contributed to the emergence of specialty of dishes. The Mediterranean region typically cooks with the use of local herbs such as thyme, rosemary and bay leaves combined with garlic which gives dishes a very particular taste. The Burgundy region is quite famous for its red wine-based sauces used in dishes like Beef Burgundy. The quiche Lorraine for instance is a specialty of the Lorraine region while in the same area, close to Germany, one of the traditional dishes served in the Alsace region is sauerkraut which is made of shredded cabbage cooked for over four hours in a seasoned white wine. Sauerkraut is served as a main course with sausages and pork chops. The list of French food is endless, but traditional as well as regional recipes are generally kept in the family and passed down from one generation to another.

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