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Fresh Cooking

Today, more people live busy lifestyles. As a result, it is no wonder that many of us like to choose ready meals and takeaways.

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We know clearly that they are not exactly healthy. However, spending hours in the kitchen after a long day at work is not so appealing. As a matter of fact, this kind of eating habit can not go far in the future in a long run for sure. In order to save our health and sense of taste, we had better begin to learn how to achieve the goal of fresh cooking.

 Fresh Cooking Is Very Important In Maintaining Health and a Sense of Taste

Fresh Cooking

As a general rule, when cooking, always use fresh, "natural" ingredients to get the best result. Because cooking a great dish is like building a solid house: If you neglect the foundation, the result will be unexpected. So, the first step is to learn to choose fresh ingredients. It is no secret that cooking with fresh ingredients is a lot healthier since there are no added preservatives or other unknown elements. After all, fresh ingredients have less salt, less sugar and less fat. Learning to cook with fresh ingredients will help ensure that you will enjoy healthy meals. What is more important is that fresh food tastes better. In order to have fresh ingredients, whether you are buying produce from a grocery store or from a local farmers market, make sure to look for fruit and vegetables that look and smell fresh.

Fresh Ingredients Have Less Salt, Less Sugar and Less Fat

Fresh Ingredients

In addition, in order to have fresh cooking, people have to get awareness of health cooking techniques. Of course, healthy cooking doesn’t mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or invest in expensive cookware. You can use basic cooking techniques to prepare and cook food in healthy ways. There are many different methods of cooking. You should know certain foods are best cooked in certain ways in order to bring out the healthiest nutrients. It is well known that all carbohydrate foods release their energy faster once cooked. So the longer you cook and the higher the temperature, the more faster-releasing the food becomes. In this case, you have to count the proper time length and the remains of the healthy nutrients. Generally, steaming is the best way to cook green, leafy and less starchy vegetables, as it preserves most of their vitamins. Steam frying adds loads of taste and the lower temperature used doesn’t destroy the nutrients. The worst and the unhealthiest cooking methods are frying and deep frying.

The Best Ways To Cook Fresh Produces is Steaming. Avoid Frying

 Steam Cooking

Besides choosing fresh ingredients and health cooking methods, if you want to have a healthy and fresh cooking, you have to pay attention to the herbs you use in the dishes. According to Charlemagne, an herb is the friend of physicians and the praise of cooks. Besides helping flavor foods, herbs may offer additional benefits of their own. Researchers are finding many culinary herbs (both fresh and dried) have antioxidants that may help protect against such diseases as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, whether you plant them or pick them up at the grocery store, adding fresh herbs is a good way to get healthy meals. When you begin to substitute fresh herbs for dried herbs, keep in mind this general guideline: the amount of fresh herbs in a recipe should be 3 times as much as you would use of a dried herb.

Herbs can add additional benefits besides adding flavor to foods


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