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How To Cook Salmon

Salmon is said to be the king of fish with a delicious flavor and a high nutrition. It is not only an inexpensive fish, and it also contains a valuable source of Omega-3 and Vitamin D which is essential element for keeping the body and mind healthy. Therefore cooking salmon makes for a really healthy meal for all the family. If you are in favor of salmon and you have no idea about cooking salmon, you can read the following recipes. It’s very easy to cook and your family will actually enjoy eating it.

Italian Cuisine Salmon

Pan Fried fillet of Sicilian Salmon served on a bed of tomato and onions with green beans and herb coated potatoes.

Salmon Oven Cooking
Cooking salmon in the oven is the easiest way. Above all, take your salmon and slice it in the middle. Make sure not cut it all the way through and leave around a half an inch still together. Also, you can place some lemon slices inside the salmon. Then place some aluminum foil around the ready salmon, and close it loosely. Heat your oven to 350 degrees and pop in the fish for cooking about 8 to 10 minutes. Then check the salmon to see if it’s done. If the salmon is still a bit undercooked, return it to the oven for 3 to 4 more minutes. Now, take the salmon out of the oven and let it stay in the aluminum foil for a few minutes. You can then serve the salmon with some of your favorite sauce, such as lemon and butter or marinara.

Oven Steam Salmon With Vegetables

Oven Steamed Salmon With Vegetables

Grilling Salmon
Once you learn the method of cooking salmon in the oven, you can move on to a more difficult way like grilling. Most people love to grill salmon and there are some secrets for cooking salmon to create a perfect dish. Many different instructions on cooking salmon can be found in the Internet; however, the most important thing to remember when cooking salmon steaks on the grill is not to overcook. You should cook each side of the salmon for abut 5 minutes. Remember to leave the skin on the salmon steak because the skin holds the fat close to the meat and will add more flavor and juiciness. Another way to make sure that your fish filets are tender and juicy is to marinate them for at least one hour in your favorite marinade. In addition, when you are cooking salmon on the grill, the best way to prevent your salmon from sticking in the grill is to brush your steaks with olive oil or vegetable oil in advance. Salt, pepper or other seasonings can be added right after you brush the oil to add more flavors. Lemon juice can also be used to give your filets a wonderful taste and aid in the prevention of sticking.

Wild Salmon Grilled on A Cedar Plank

Wild Salmon Grilled

For other methods of cooking salmon, broiling or baking the salmon steaks is also a good cooking way. Just be sure that you keep brushing your salmon to keep it moist to avoid becoming dry and tough. Besides, you can find many recipes online that will give you great ideas on cooking salmon in different ways. You can plan a dinner party with salmon as your main course by preparing such recipes as grilled salmon or a salmon loaf.

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