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How to Make Chicken Tenders

This is a versatile and popular chicken recipe. It can be fried and eaten using your fingers. Chicken tenders are easily available in the market. They can be easily obtained from the bones and breast of the chicken meat. It’s almost ready to cook recipe, since the chicken are pre-trimmed and cleaned. It makes a perfect combination with plum sauce, crescent breads or chicken Caesar salad. Pre-cooked rotisserie chicken eases the task, making the chicken Caesar salad extra easy and fast, though any left-over cooked chicken may be used up in some other recipes. Many call it a smaller version of classic roast-chicken. The seasoning varies from individual to individual. The use of olive oil and other herbs already infused into the chicken pieces is a delicious treat for many. Few use a dipping, made of honey and Dijon mustard. It’s a double taste, due to the wonderful spicy flavor of mustard with the sweetness of honey. The preparation time is 20 minutes max, whereas the cooking time may vary from 20-25 minutes.


  • Chicken: 2 breast halves
  • Crescent roll dough: 3 cans
  • Garlic: 3 cloves
  • Onion: 3 tbsps.
  • Butter: 6 tbsps.
  • Cream-cheese: 3/4 package


  1. Clean and cut the chicken breasts into cubes.
  2. Peel and mince the garlic and chop the onions.
  3. Over a moderate flame, fry the onion and garlic and add the chicken. Stir and cook until the onion is tender and the chicken is lightly brown in color.
  4. In an oven-proof bowl, add cream cheese, butter and the chicken mixture and blend well till smooth and creamy.
  5. Set the oven at 325 degrees F.
  6. Take out the crescents and unroll them to make 10 or more rectangles.
  7. Put a spoonful chicken mix on each rectangle and fold into nice balls.
  8. Arrange the balls onto a grease baking dish and bake the contents for 12-15 minutes. Once they get golden-browned, turn off the oven and keep the balls aside.

To prepare salad, you need the following items:

One whole roasted chicken: 1 pound, skinned
Romaine lettuce: 11 cups
Red bell pepper strips: 1 cup


Rinse the chicken neatly. Skin and remove the bones from the chicken; shred it with forks to measure 3 cups meat.
Combine the meat, bell pepper and lettuce in a large mixing bowl and blend well.


To make vinaigrette, you can mix olive oil, Dijon mustard, plain croutons, parmesan cheese, salt, sugar, and black pepper, cloves of garlic, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce in a large bowl. Blend it thoroughly. Pour over the prepared Caesar salad and toss well. Add the grated cheese and croutons well and combine. It’s ready to serve.

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