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How to Make General Tso’s Chicken

Though general Tso’s chicken is not really an ethnic Chinese recipe, yet it’s very popular among the Chinese. More likely, as many believe, it was cooked for the first time by the Taiwanese immigrated to US and Europe. Whatever be its origin, people throng the restaurants across America and Canada for a mouthful and watering dish of general Tso’s chicken.

This is relatively an inexpensive dish to prepare. Some restaurants pose this dish as their specialty to grab a large number of customers.

The traditional typical sauce to go with this menu is heavy and spicy, contrary to other lighter and milder broth-based sauces in Chinese cuisine. Those preferring the milder taste put 3 times more the quantity of cornstarch. Innumerable number of sauces can be served with this particular chicken dish. Any vegetable can be add with this cooked style.


Chicken breasts: 2 pounds, boneless
Garlic: 1 clove
Ginger: 1/4 tsp.
Ketchup: 2 tbsps.
Cider vinegar: 1 tsp.
Soy sauce: 1/3 cup
Water: 1/2 cup
Apple juice: 1/4 cup
Red-pepper: 3/4 tsp.
Olive oil: 1-2 tbsps.


  • Clean the chicken breasts thoroughly and cut them into bite-size pieces.
  • Crush the garlic and cut the red-pepper into flakes.
  • Fry the chicken cuts in a skillet until lightly brown. Once done, remove the vessel.
  • Add the remaining ingredients over moderate heat until well-mixed.
  • Add the chicken to the content and bring it to a hard boil.
  • Reduce the flame and simmer the mixture for 20-25 minutes.
  • Check the chicken and adjust the taste of the mix.
  • When done to your heart’s content, remove it. Ladle it over a plate of hot rice and serve!


There is one more way to get a perfect dish of general Tso’s chicken. Here are the steps:

Step no. #1

Combine the chicken with cooking-wine, white pepper, egg and sesame oil, then mix well. Coat the piece nicely with the mixture content with a sprinkling of oil, to avoid the sticking of the pieces together.

Step no. #2

Make a sauce by whisking the remaining of sesame oil, cooking wine & soy sauce together with sugar (½ tbsp). Add one of each: garlic-ginger, oyster sauce, chicken stock, rice wine vinegar, tomato paste and hoisin sauce. Chop and add dried chilies to the sauce. Taste the sauce. If desired, you can adjust the proportion of the contents.

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