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How to Make Turkey Salad

Perk up your next meal with this turkey salad recipe. This recipe uses lots of green leafy vegetables as well as nuts that make the salad extremely crunchy to eat.


For the salad:

  • Two large handfuls of turkey meat
  • Four large handfuls of various salad leaves, such as, spinach, rocket, chicory, and watercress
  • One bunch of fresh mint
  • One bunch of fresh coriander
  • One red chili, deseeded and chopped
  • Two teaspoons of five-spice, grounded
  • One handful of dried cranberries
  • One handful of cashew nuts
  • One tablespoon runny honey

For the dressing:

  • ½ red onion, peeled and grated
  • One fresh ginger, peeled and grated
  • One tablespoon sesame oil
  • One tablespoon soy sauce
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Juice of one Clementine
  • Juice of one lime
  • One pomegranate, halved


  1. First, shred the turkey meat into strips. After all the meat has been shredded into thin strips, place these strips inside a pan and put it over the gas, on a medium flame. Do not put any oil in the pan. Add cashew nuts, cranberries, and the five-spice to the pan. While the contents of the pan are getting toasted, be sure to stir them every now and then.
  2. In a mixing bowl, mix mint leaves, coriander leaves and the various salad leaves together. Set some of the coriander leaves apart, they will be used later. In a separate bowl, you can start preparing the salad dressing. For the salad dressing, mix the Clementine and lime juice together. Squeeze the pomegranate into this bowl, so that its juice gets mixed in the bowl. Remove the seeds.
  3. Mix the red onion in the dressing bowl. Add extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and soy sauce to the mix. Squeeze the juice of the grated ginger in the salad dressing mix. Stir the dressing well.
  4. Now, pour this dressing over the salad leaves mix. Make sure all the leaves get well-coated with the dressing. You can mix the salad leaves and the dressing with your hands too.
  5. In the pan where the strips are getting toasted along with the nuts and spices, add honey. Make sure that all the strips of turkey meat get a good coating of honey on them. You can increase the flame so as to make the meat even crispier.
  6. Take half of the contents of the pan and mix them in the salad leaves and dressing bowl. You can lay it out on a serving plate now. Add the remaining half of the pan’s contents right over the salad on the serving plate, and add some dressing to it. Garnish it with pomegranate seeds, red chili, and the remaining coriander leaves.

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