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Joy of Cooking

Like any job,cooking also offers great joy to people who like food making.It is hard to say what kind of joy of cooking it is, the sight of seeing others eating satisfactorily the food you cooked can really make a great impact on me.

I know firstly the joy of cooking from my mom.She is the person who combines her hobby perfectly with her own job, that is why I always say she is so lucky a woman.I like cooking from childhood day because my mother is a good cook in a five-star hotel.I had once thought that she was a magician who could make the common ingrents live with colour and taste.The extraordinary food cooked by her is art of work in my eyes. I always wondered why she could cook such delicious food which please both taste and eyes.

I used to thinking to be a cook is easy and can often enjoy the joy of cooking. However,cooking for some people,like me is not so easy at first.One of my friends has as his instant messaging tag: Sometimes, simple is the most difficult.It’s a sentiment that I totally agree with right now.My mom can make the daily home dishes marvellous.when it is my turn, it is totally not the case.I had a look at a recipe for salt crackers and thought it would be easy, but unfortunately, it’s one of the trickiest things I’ve ever made.

Many people regard cooking as a chore, but i love it so much. In fact, I was never much of a cook when I was living at home because my mom was the best cook forever. But when I moved out, I started to cook and began to appreciate cooking. I know my family would try it. They eat it, and enjoy it. I cook and enjoy the joy of cooking because I love to cook and try new things. I am so proud of myself that I made the food that the whole family is about to eat. I can take comfort in the fact that I know what is in this food that is about to nourish us. After a couple of successful meals, I may find myself “addicted” to cooking and excited to plan my next adventure in the kitchen.
Another reason for me to get the joy of cooking is that I like those delicate cooking utensils and the well equipped kitchen.You can not imagin what tremendous satisfaction I have from seeing everything being done in my kitchen. The next reason is that cooking helps me to overcome the problem of being impatient. You have to pay attention to every procedure in cooking, For example, you must be very careful when cleaning and trimming vegetables, or you might get food poisoning. During cooking, you should watch the fire, or the food will be burned, That is how I learned patience from cooking every day.

I never think I would become a good cook as my mother is one day. However, I feel it is enough to cook for my family and looking at the watered mouth of my children. I love cooking, because I really obtain the joy of cooking.

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