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Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking can be experienced in many different ways. You can make it quick and simple or you can plan it as one of your activities for the day. Many enjoy the process of outdoor cooking meal preparation and experiment with various methods. But the one thing everyone agrees with, is that food cooked outdoor always taste good.True, outdoor cooking requires a different set of rules and equipment from those we use at home. Outdoor cooking involves quite a bit of skill and innovation but with a little practice and creativity you too can become an “outdoor chef”. Take some time to plan your meals and decide how you wish to prepare them. Enjoy not only the food but the process of preparing it!

Cooking and eating outdoors takes some knowledge and preparation and all the activities we enjoy doing in the great outdoor cooking burn up energy. Here some tips for cooking in the outdoors will help you to enjoy some tasty food.First, get yourself organized.Before starting to cook, make sure that everything you willtake including pots, pans, utensils, food, water, and your fuel stove. Work out a cooking plan so that food which takes the longest to cook is put on the stove first.By rotating pots containing different components on and off the stove, you can time the cooking so that everything is ready to eat at the same time. Second,keep it simple. None of us are ever going to create a culinary masterpiece on our single burner camping stove,so keep your menu ideas simple! Plan what food you are going to buy and take with you, and try to select foods with short cooking times to save both time and fuel.

When beginning the outdoor cooking, you have to keep some tips in mind. First, it takes at least 30 minutes for the charcoal to get hot enough to use. Why do we feel like using the charcoal as fuel to cook?The benefit of charcoal is that it burns a long time and needs little refueling. Second, even though cast iron ovens are the easiest to find, I would recommend an aluminum Dutch oven, because aluminum is much lighter to carry and, most importantly, it won’t rust! As for the food cooking, almost anything you bake at home can be baked in the outdoor cooking. With experience you will be baking meats, cakes and even breads and biscuits. Use a meat thermometer to gauge when the meat is done. Ground beef should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. When grilling chicken, remember that dark meat needs longer on the grill than breast meat. Also, bone-in parts cook longer than boneless parts. Always remember to clean the area before you leave the camping site. Make sure you douse out all the fires when you finish. Collect all your items when you are ready to go back home.

Outdoor cooking can be great fun and bring about a welcome change in our daily routine. And it is a great way to bond with your family and connect with the natural surroundings. With some planning, you can whip up some amazing dishes in the outdoors as well.

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