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Spanish Cooking

Generally speaking, Spanish cooking roughly can be described as a cuisine relying strongly on olive oil and garlic. These two basic ingredients can be found in a wide variety of dishes and are regarded as two main elements in the Spanish recipes and flavors. However, in terms of typical flavors and ingredients, Spanish cooking may classified into different areas with its own food characteristics, for example, the north is the area of the sauces, and fried dishes are typical of Andalusia, while the central region is famous for its roasts.

Spanish Seafood Cazuela

Spanish Seafood Cazuela

Spanish Chorizo Pizza

Spanish Chorizo Pizza

Historically speaking, Spanish cooking has popular roots in the U.S.A, which is regarded as one of the people’s cuisines. Most of Spanish dishes are down-to-earth, uncomplicated food. In addition, the ingredients are available locally or regionally. However, in fact, Spanish cooking seems not quite common in US homes even through many of the techniques actually are very simple to follow, besides, many of the recipes use ordinary ingredients which can be easily found in the supermarket nearby. So, do not let the sense of unfamiliarity with the cuisine prevent you from coming over and saying hello to this kind of delicious food. It is never late to learn. And if you start learning, you will find that cooking is a really marvelous thing that you should have a try.

A Very Simple Spanish Cooking: Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice

Once being involved in Spanish cooking, you may find out a variety of national dishes from the Spanish recipe book with an internationally famous reputation, like the paella, gazpacho, tortilla or potato omelette, even through you can not deny the fact that many really typical and popular recipes have gone unnoticed. Many dishes are prepared today using the same cooking methods and ingredients as they were two or three hundred years ago. Nevertheless, the two basic ingredients of all Spanish food are olive oil and garlic which is partially because Spain has very distinct geographical regions, settled by different ethnic and cultural groups, and partially because the different weather from province to province, which eventually result in a variety of food diversity according to different climate and location.

Chicken Paella


Spanish Tortilla


Potato Omelette


Here is a list of typical ingredients and foods of Spanish recipes:

1. The first one should be its ham, which is a very prized food. Spaniards take their ham very seriously and will pay a high price for top-quality ham. So proud are Spaniards of their ham, that there are several museums of ham.

2. Next should be fish and seafood, because Spain is surrounded on three sides by water and fresh seafood is always plentiful in the markets. Everything from halibut to shrimp and even octopus is common to see in the markets and on menus.

3. Also, there are some essential tools needed for Spanish cooking, including: Mortar and pestle, which are great for mashing such things as garlic and parsley.

4. Cazuela, an earthenware casserole prized for its heat retention.

5. Paellera: A shallow, wide-rimmed pan with projecting handles, designed specifically for paella.

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